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travis [dot] mossotti  [at] gmail [dot] com

About the Photo: This was taken in Boulder Creek, CA shortly after a young female mountain lion (F-10) was caught. She was collared and set free and tracked remotely via GPS to help with research for the University of California Puma Project.


Travis Mossotti has worked and volunteered over the last decade+ alongside his wife (a carnivore biologist) with U.S. government, university and nonprofit organizations on data collection, animal captures/ releases and lab work for various endangered species recovery efforts all across North America.


TRAVIS MOSSOTTI’s previous collections are ABOUT THE DEAD, FIELD STUDY, and NARCISSUS AMERICANA. His fourth collection, RACECAR JESUS, won the Christopher Smart-Joan Alice Poetry Prize and is forthcoming in 2023 with the Black Spring Press Group/Eyewear in the UK. Mossotti's fifth collection, APOCRYPHAL GENESIS, won the Alma Book Award and is forthcoming with Saturnalia Books in 2024. He currently serves as a Biodiversity Fellow for the Living Earth Collaborative at Washington University. He lives and works in St. Louis.

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